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— Bobby Ratel

Body Treatment

Body Treatment

Our wide variety of body treatments address any and all concerns that you might have about your body, mind, and spirit. Our different massage techniques promote relaxation and tension release, and create a balance of energy throughout the body. Our skin focused treatments renew, firm, and rejuvenate the skin, while promoting relaxation. Whatever your needs, let us take care of them.

Body Mapping (Analysis) 15 mins

At Artisan Spa, we have taken the procedure of analyzing the body a step further by dividing the body into 14 zones. The Skin Therapist assesses the skin and tissue changes across the different zones while dry body brushing, and observes both the client’s posture and movement. Finally, a lifestyle consultation completes the analysis, allowing the client to receive the most accurate prescription and home care advice. A customized treatment meeting all the client’s individual needs can also be prescribed.