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a hot stone massage and an anti-aging facial made me look five years younger!

— Kathy Winston

Hair Removal

If you have unwanted hair on your body or face, we have the solution for you. At Artisan Spa we use both laser hair removal and electrolysis techniques, as well as waxing to rid the face and body of unsightly hairs.


Laser Hair Removal

At Artisan Spa, our estheticians use Diode Laser, IPL (Intense Pulse Light), and the GSD Phototherapy Flash Equipment for laser hair removal. This equipment uses a special spectrum of light which penetrates the skin and removes the hair with ease. After several treatments, there will be a dramatic reduction in hair growth and re-growth will be much thinner and finer. The treatment is safe as the light spectrum does not produce any damaging side effects on the skin.

  • Full Face $100.00
  • Sides of Face $40.00
  • Upper Lip $50.00
  • Chin $40.00
  • Under Arms $50.00
  • Full Arms $200.00
  • Back from $150.00
  • Full Legs $250.00
  • Half Legs $150.00
  • Bikini $80.00
  • Brazilian $100.00
  • Chest (Men) $150.00
  • Buttocks $150


Electrolysis is the process of applying a mild current at the root of each hair to extract the hair. Before the treatment is started the esthetician will electronically test the hydration of the skin. After a few applications in the same area, hair no longer grows at that spot. Electrolysis is known as the safest and most permanent solution for unwanted hair.

  • 60 Minutes Service $50.00
  • 30 Minutes Service $30.00

Purchase 5 hours and receive a 6th hour free.


Waxing removes the hair at the root, slowing down re-growth and producing smooth, silky soft skin.

  • Upper Lip $8.00
  • Eyebrows $8.00
  • Chin from $8.00
  • Sideburns $15.00
  • Full Face $30.00
  • Half Arms $25.00
  • Full Arms $35.00
  • Under Arms $15.00
  • Full Back $30.00
  • Chest $35.00
  • Half Legs from $35.00
  • Full Legs $50.00
  • Bikini $20.00
  • Full Legs & Bikini $70.00
  • Full Legs, Bikini & Brazilian $85.00
  • Brazilian $35.00
  • Whole Body $200.00


Threading is a fast, neat, and effective hair removal system specifically used to remove facial hair. It is less painful than plucking, and serves as a great alternative to waxing.

  • Full Face $25
  • Eyebrow $5
  • Upper lip $5
  • Chin $5
  • Sideburns $10