Specialized Facial Treatments

Facial Points

Our Specialized Facial Treatments are designed to address different general facial concerns and achieve consistent outstanding results. Whether you have sensitive, ageing, or devitalized skin, or you just want to achieve that sun kissed glow, our advanced facial treatments are sure to get the job done.

Power Regeneration Treatment 60 mins $65

Multivitamin therapy is combined with hydroxy acid exfoliation and energizing massage techniques to release tension in the facial muscles. Dermalogica’s specialized contour masque is applied to revive prematurely-aging, dry, devitalized skin. Your skin with be noticeably firmer and smoother. Revitalizing and extra firming boosters are used to combat premature aging, followed by a restorative facial massage and multi-vitamin power masque.

Specialized Facial Treatment

Solar Bronzing Facial 30 mins $45

Our solar bronzing treatment is the safest and easiest way to get an all-over bronzed face and body. Prior to treatment, an exfoliating body scrub is applied to eliminate rough, dry skin. You will leave our care with the ultimate guilt-free glow.

Anti Aging Facial 80 mins $80

This is the ultimate skin therapy for prematurely aging skin. The combined vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation, specialized revitalizing mask and concentrated serums will leave your skin noticeably firmer, smoother and revived.

Active 35 Resurfacing Facial 45 mins $80

The most active resurfacing treatment from the skin health experts. This is an advanced 45-minute resurfacing treatment that utilizes a cocktail of the most advanced ingredients available in today’s innovative skin care arena. It is a layered exfoliation treatment, and it is far better for the skin than chemical peels.

Menopausal Skin Treatment 90 mins $120

Decline of estrogen during menopause is one of the causes of accelerated skin aging resulting in dehydration, loss of collagen and elastin, and increased hair growth. Our specially designed menopausal skin treatment helps rehydrate dry, stressed skin, and promotes suppleness while helping to reduce fine dry lines.

We use advanced laser technology along with hyaluronic acid gel to enhance collagen and produce younger looking, healthy skin.