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— Rani Singh

Your First Visit

Asian Spa Front Desk

We begin your first visit with a detailed health consultation where we gather pertinent information on your medical history, lifestyle, and skin care regimen.

After the consultation we perform an in depth analysis of the skin using a Woods Lamp, Face Mapping, Chinese Diagnosis, Photo Video, or Moisture hydration unit.

  • Woods Lamp is a test that is performed in a dark room where ultraviolet light is shone on the area of interest. This lamp gives us visual feedback of the skin’s condition.
  • Face Mapping identifies specific concerns to the different zones of the face.
  • Chinese Diagnosis identifies underlying problems by looking at symptoms on the facial skin. All general characteristics are woven together to establish a Pattern of Imbalance. The Chinese method is holistic, based on the idea that no single part can be understood except in its relationship to the whole.
  • Photo Video allows us to view the dermis; the middle layer of the skin. It allows the esthetician to see imperfections such ingrown hair, acne, pigmentation problems, and rosacea.
  • The Moisture Hydration Unit allows the esthetician to determine the PH level of the skin.

Following the analysis, the esthetician designs a treatment plan that is suited to the client’s needs.