a pleasant interlude to my hectic day … I always look forward to it…

— Rani Singh



When you have a special event to go to, you want to achieve just the right look. At Artisan Spa, we help you to look your best with our tinting and makeup and hair services. Whether it’s a party, prom, or your wedding day, Artisan Spa is the place to go for the perfect polished look.

Eyebrow Tinting 15 mins $15

Using an exclusive eyebrow tint dye, we accent and frame your eyes by enhancing your natural colour to a more pronounced shade.

Eyelash tinting 15 mins $25

This service deepens your lashes to a brown black, blue black, or jet black colour. It is safe, natural, and fun.


Makeup and Hair

  • Trial Makeup 60 mins $35.00
  • Party Makeup 30 mins $50.00
  • Trial Up Do 40 mins from $50.00
  • Bridal Makeup and Hair 2 hrs $250.00
  • Bridal Henna $100.00
  • Bride‚Äôs Maids Makeup (5 or more) each 30 mins $50.00
  • Bride’s maid henna $10.00
Permanent Makeup
  • Eyebrows 1 hr $100.00
  • Eye Liner 2 hr $200.00


Henna is a plant which produces a dye that is typically used in a temporary body art known as mehndi. The dye is extracted from the dried leaf and petals of the plant. This natural dye is traditionally found in India, Pakistan, Middle East, and North Africa.

The dye is used to create beautiful designs on different parts of the body. The designs typically fade away after a few weeks.

Here are a few examples of the temporary body art henna: