Petal’s Bridal Shower Wish List

Deluxe Manicure 60 mins $35.00

Enjoy the full Spa Manicure treatment with the addition of a nourishing hydrating mask or paraffin wax treatment to soften and condition the skin.

French Manicure 60 mins $30.00

Enjoy the full Spa Manicure treatment with the addition of a nail tip colour of your choice.

Pedicure with Paraffin 60 mins $45.00

After pedicure, liquid paraffin is applied to the feet which are then covered with heat mitts for fifteen minutes. The result is softer and lighter skin, with the benefits of increased circulation.

French Pedicure with Reflexology 90 mins $70.00

Enjoy the full Spa Pedicure treatment with the addition of a nail tip color of your choice.

Revitalizing Foot Treatment 60 mins $40

Our revitalizing foot treatment eliminates rough, dry skin to leave the feet smoother, softer, and feeling rejuvenated.

Deep Cleansing Facial 60 mins $65.00

Our basic facial, with the addition of exfoliation, vacuum suction, manual extraction, and high frequency and Galvanic current, followed by a massage of your choice: Acupressure, or Pressure Point. A masque is applied, then toner and moisturizer. Treatment ends with either serums or boosters, followed by eye cream and sun protection. Skin is left feeling supple, soft, and healthy.

Gold Facial 90 mins $65

Our Basic facial with the use of Shahnaz herbal products (link) from India. This facial brings a glow to the face and rejuvenates the skin.

Facial with Reflexology 90 mins $100

Your choice of facial with Reflexology on hands and feet to destress, and improve circulation.

Facial with Indian Head Massage 90 mins $85

Our Basic Facial with Champissage: warm oils are massaged into the scalp to release stress, balance the chakra, and promote relaxation.

Purifying Back Treatment 30 mins $50

Our super-smoothing back treatment is designed to rid your muscles of stress
and eliminate impurities in the skin. A deep-cleansing scrub is followed by extractions to cleanse the skin. An aromatherapy massage relaxes your stressed muscles and leaves you felling calm and peaceful.

Champissage, Indian Head Massage 30 mins $30

Head massage has played a pivotal role in Indian life for thousands of years. Warm oil massaged in slow and firm strokes over the scalp accounted for an Indian woman’s long, lustrous hair, a feature that brought her much admiration in social circles. With today’s lightening-paced lifestyles, stress and associated illnesses are our greatest maladies. Champissage, incorporating subtle chakra-balancing procedures is an effective way to rid our systems of the energetic debris of everyday life.

Shiatsu 60 mins $50

Shiatsu is a technique using applied pressure in an attempt to correct imbalances or blockages in the flow of energy throughout the body. The goal is to restore a balance between negative energy (Ying) and positive energy (Yang) throughout. The therapist will use different parts of the body to apply pressure where needed, such as the fingers, feet, elbows, etc. Stretching, holding, and rotating may also be incorporated into the treatment.

Hot Stone Therapy 60 mins $70

We begin by applying revitalizing oil to the body using light strokes. This is followed by a massage with warm basalt stones. The stones are then placed on specific acupressure points on the body to melt away knots, tension and stress. This therapy provides relaxation for sore muscles and promotes harmony, balance and peace.

Aroma Therapy with Vichy Shower 90 mins $90

Natural plant oil extracts, called essential oils, enhance the body, mind and spirit. The customized oils meet the individual’s needs, helping to promote balance and relaxation, while invigorating and stimulating the body and its senses. Steamers and diffusers are used to enhance the therapy while a foot and hand bath relax and soften the skin. A deep kneading massage releases tension in the muscles. Finally, oils are washed away with a Vichy shower, where jets of water stream down, focusing on reflex zones to promote circulation and create a general sense of relaxation.

Reflexology 60 mins $60

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principles that there are reflex points in the hands and feet which correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflex points, reflexology releases tension, improves circulation, and promotes the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Lemon & Mint Sea Salt Body Glow 60 mins $85

We select pure flower and plant essences and blend them with sea salts to remove dead skin cells. This velvety buff and sumptuous moisturizer combined with a Vichy shower reveals a brighter softer skin. The treatment is refreshing and detoxifying.

Cellulite Seaweed Mud Treatments 60 mins $90

This treatment diminishes cellulite and leaves skin firmer and more supple. We begin by thoroughly cleansing and removing dead skin cells with a body scrub. This is followed by a massage with aromatic firming and revitalizing oils. Afterwards, we apply a mud pack, which smooths and moisturizes the skin. A Vichy Shower removes the mud and revitalizes the skin. We also use high tech equipment to breakdown cellulite. The result is firmer, tighter looking skin.

Seaweed Scrub & Wrap 60 mins $120

This customized scrub is used to exfoliate the skin and prepare the pores for a detoxifying and nourishing body wrap. The results are incomparable! Leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated.